Liam Philipson is a writer and editor from Upstate New York. His body of work includes speculative fiction, sci-fi, and horror. He works in both print and digital literature, with a focus on new and exciting ways of telling stories.



Having grown up in the lush, bizarre world of the Finger Lakes area, I've always been surrounded by weird history and superstition. My childhood experiences nurtured an interest in horror and fantastic, imagined worlds.

A lifelong interest in the way people interact with computers and form their own narratives has given me a love for digital literature in its many forms.

I want my science fiction to speculate meaningfully on the future of our global civilization and how technology will weave into that story. My horror, on the other hand, takes an interest in all the permutations of our deepest fears, and the hopelessness and humor of absurdity.

I also do videos.