In the Varicose Vaults and the Biledark Deep, things that ought not surface sleep... but they are coming, and no force on this world or any other can slow their advance.

The Varicose Vaults is an ongoing horror storytelling project - a multimedia horror universe of original stories and imagery straight from the bowels of a hellish world. Within each Varicose Vaults story are the clues to piecing together a larger narrative about ancient malevolent forces, the people who have tried and failed to grapple with them, and the unstoppable plague of flesh and dread that follows in their wake.

Featured Stories:


The Tunnel Boy

In this flagship story for the Varicose Vaults universe, a hapless college student ends up stumbling into a secret place full of terrors where he is pushed beyond his limits.

Featured on the NoSleep Podcast, produced for audio by Jeff Clement. Performed by Kyle Akers and Peter Lewis.


The Man in the Moon is Trying to Scream

This short tale finds a mother comforting her son after his nightmares seem to go too far.

Featured on the NoSleep Podcast’s Suddenly Shocking flash fiction series, available with the purchase of the Season 11 Pass. Performed by Jessica McAvoy.