A multimedia adaptation of H.G. Wells' classic novel, The War of the Worlds. Winner of Wonderbox Publishing's Opening Up Digital Fiction Student Prize.


Emily Ballard and the Planet of Doctor Moreau: WotW2018

A multimedia follow-up to WotW2017 centered on one of the original story’s minor characters and her encounter with the original victims of the Martian death machine.


Stanley the Star Demon

If ancient cosmic beings had their own incomprehensible system of politics, Stanley would be their Alex Jones. He rants ceaselessly about things that sound like they could be political opinions. Vaguely. His takes are hotter than the celestial furnace of the stars themselves.

Stanley is a bot made with Tracery and Cheap Bots Done Quick. He spits out new wisdom every ten minutes. If mentioned, he will respond with his own hot takes indefinitely.