"The Tunnel Boy" on the NoSleep Podcast!

What a start to the week this has been! Just Sunday I was given the opportunity to contribute my story "The Tunnel Boy" to the NoSleep Podcast. It's on Episode 6 of Season 11 and is skillfully performed by Kyle Akers and Peter Lewis. I'm thrilled to see the nasty, sticky world of the story brought to vivid life in audio by one of the podcast's talented producers, Jeff Clement. The titular creature, pictured above in my goofy clay miniature form, was given a stunning and frightening illustration by Hasani Walker.

You can listen to S11E06 of the NoSleep Podcast here or wherever you get your podcasts. I'd recommend picking up the season pass so you can get as much audio horror goodness as possible - the NoSleep team offers it at a really fair price and anyone who's listened for even a short time knows the show's quality is well worth the money.

And of course, if you want to read "The Tunnel Boy," you can find it here on my website!

Be warned that "The Tunnel Boy" contains a lot of gore, body horror, and some (mostly just gross) sexual imagery. If that's not your thing then you might want to pass this one up, and that's cool.

Overall I am so honored to have contributed a story I'm so proud of to a podcast I love so much! I hope you enjoy listening to this grotesque odyssey as much as I did writing it.